Cardiovascular Prevention Centre
Cardiovascular Prevention Centre

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Pavilion H, Ground floor

Dr. Ernesto Schiffrin
Dr. Morris Schweitzer

Dr. Ernesto L. Schiffrin’s Cardiovascular Laboratory Activities and Publications (2007-2008)

Hypertension research: Looking into the crystal ball
Dr. Ernesto L. Schiffrin, Canada

The Cardiovascular prevention centre (CVPC) is a centre where medical experts in various fields are within easy reach. Where patients with hypertension, lipid abnormalities or other cardiovascular conditions get an appointment the same day they are referred to another cardiovascular specialist. Where diabetic patients can meet with a dietician or eventually even a kinesiologist. This is Dr. Ernesto Schiffrin's vision for the Jewish General Hospital’s new Cardiovascular Prevention Centre.

The CVPC, takes an integrated approach to diagnosis, treatment and research of high risk cardiovascular conditions. It will ultimately be staffed by internists, cardiologists, nephrologists and endocrinologists, along with a team of allied health professionals such as nurse practitioners, nutritionists, psychologists and kinesiologists.

"It’s a very exciting, promising and novel concept," says Dr. Morris Schweitzer, who serves with Dr. Schiffrin as the CVPC’s Co-Director. He also notes that the attractive facilities on the ground floor are conducive to high-quality patient care. "Patients love it because it’s brand new and isolated from the hullabaloo of the hospital."

The Cardiovascular Prevention Centre caters to patients requiring care for hypertension, dyslipidemia, obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Medical therapies are strongly complemented with lifestyle modification, weight and metabolic control, smoking cessation and exercise. Due to the wide range of experts at the CVPC, patients will be able to consult several specialists, a nutritionist, and eventually a psychologist, a kinesiologist or even a clinical pharmacist in one visit. Several specialists are already working in the CVPC.

"This proper integration of specialists in different domains will certainly have a positive impact on the population that we serve," says Dr. Schweitzer, a senior JGH endocrinologist and Associate Professor of Medicine at McGill University, who serves as the Director of the Lipid Research and Management Clinic.

"In caring for patients, it helps that you can integrate so many different aspects of vascular care," says Dr. Schweitzer. "It's like one-stop shopping." "This approach lets us better care for our patients," agrees Dr. Schiffrin. "If you can rapidly refer a patient to another specialist, the whole process of patient care is improved." While the CVPC is still a work in progress according to Dr. Schiffrin, it is off to a strong start.

Dr. Schiffrin, an internationally recognized expert on hypertension and Physician-in-Chief of the Jewish General Hospital, envisions the CVPC as McGill’s and the JGH's flagship facility for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, a disease that is the number one killer in Canada.

"The Cardiovascular Prevention Centre is a platform for launching studies," says Dr. Schiffrin. "It will bridge the gap between the lab and the bedside, and enable us to more rapidly bring to the clinic the therapies that may improve the quality of life of our patients."