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Welcome to JGH Now, the hospital's intranet site. This is where you can keep colleagues throughout the JGH up to date about new developments in your department. For instance, you can share a newsworthy item or an announcement about an upcoming event. Since JGH Now is updated weekly, the postings are always timely.

Finding JGH Now is easy, because it's the page that hospital computers go to by default. A fresh edition of JGH Now is also sent by mass e-mail every Monday morning to the employees who are registered on Lotus Notes.

Please note that since JGH Now is intended for internal use, its page can't be found by navigating through the hospital's website. But this doesn't mean it's inaccessible. Simply type "jgh.ca/now" into the address line of your browser, and there it is!

If you'd like to contribute an item of interest to JGH Now, just put all of the relevant information—in French and English—into a Word document and attach it to an e-mail to Dana Frank in the Department of Public Affairs and Communications. You can send the e-mail to danafrank@jgh.mcgill.ca or find her in the Lotus directory.