Pain Management
Pain Management

Unrelieved pain is a major public health issue. For hospitalized patients it often means delayed healing, longer rehabilitation and prolonged hospitalization time. At the JGH we treat pain seriously.

During Pain Management Week, a large number of continuous professional education events have been organized for physicians, nurses and allied professionals who have a key role in ensuring quality pain control throughout the hospital. This unique approach to continuous professional education has resulted in significant improvement in the management of pain and patient’s satisfaction toward their pain relief in our hospital.

New tools for patients and their families
Patients are often reluctant to share their experience of pain with their family or their treating teams. Families and patients alike are often afraid of the various approaches and treatments used to relieve pain, particularly the opiates. These fears and misconceptions are often contributing to poor pain relief during the hospital stay. Optimal pain management include a partnership with the patient and his or her family. At the occasion of Pain Management Week at the JGH, educational material on pain and its management will also be made available to patients and families on the different wards of the hospital.


Basic Facts About Pain & Pain Management

Teaching Us About Your Pain Will Help Us Treat It