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JGH earns Accreditation 'with Exemplary Standing' in May 2013

Since the Accreditation Canada visit in December 2012, the JGH met the continuous improvement recommendations, all the required organizational practices and receives the highest accreditation decision.

"The Accreditation Decision Committee, Accreditation Canada, is pleased to advise that you that all of the follow-up requirements have been met and the decision awarded to the JGH has been changed to : Accredited with Exemplary Standing. Congratulations! This achievement demonstrates your organization's determination and commitment to ongoing quality improvement. We applaud your leadership, staff, and accreditation team members for their efforts and dedication to the provision of safe, quality health services."

“It is wonderful to witness the many innovations, improvements, results, and the level of collaboration that staff with many partners have achieved all in the name of improving patient care, the well being of all individuals and towards meeting our mission of excellence,” says Chantal Bellerose, JGH & Quality Improvement Advisor & Accreditation Coordinator . “Members of our hospital community are constantly embracing opportunities to respond to the many challenges they may face.”

JGH earns accreditation “with commendation” in December 2012

“A model program that combines quality, access and budget”

 By encouraging and fostering the expertise and passion of staff to deliver high-quality, patient-centred care in efficient, effective interdisciplinary teams, the Jewish General Hospital has earned the renewal of its accreditation, with glowing praise from Accreditation Canada.

The JGH has met 2370 of 2456 criteria, i.e. 96.5% in compliance with accreditation standards

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In the Accreditation Canada report released in December 2012, the JGH was awarded accreditation “with commendation”, based on an intensive, on-site evaluation in which nine of the organization’s surveyors spent four days in November scrutinizing every aspect of the hospital’s clinical and support services.

Over all, the JGH was found to be in compliance with more than 96.5 per cent of the criteria that must be present for safety and proper quality of care, including (but not limited to) accessibility, continuity of care and good workplace conditions. The hospital was also found to have complied with 34 of Accreditation Canada’s 35 required organizational practices in six key areas—the culture of safety, risk assessment, the use of medication, infection control, communication and work life.

“The Jewish General Hospital is truly defined by making the client the focal point of its daily activities,” says the report by Accreditation Canada, a not-for-profit, independent organization that assesses the quality of hospital services. “This focus on the client is evident in the implementation of all of the hospital’s projects, with constant attention to client safety and to the quality of services in the development of those projects.”

As well as singling out the JGH’s exemplary commitment to research, the upgrading of employees’ skills, and maintaining a high level of ultra-specialized medical services, Accreditation Canada notes that the JGH Board of Directors remains mindful of the hospital’s unique heritage and values, but “serves all of its clientele, regardless of whether they come from the Jewish community or from elsewhere.”

The accreditation exercise was important because it provided an objective validation of the high level of quality that the hospital has achieved, said Dr. Hartley Stern, JGH Executive Director. “When we talk about improving quality, we really mean it, and now we can confirm it.”

The results are particularly gratifying, because they show that the surveyors clearly understood the sincere desire and continuing commitment of staff to improving quality and making patients’ lives safer and happier, added Ms. Chantal Bellerose, Quality Improvement Advisor-Accreditation Coordinator.“In preparing for accreditation, the staff were carefully assessing their own performance, comparing it to prevailing standards, and then using that information in an ongoing effort to make the quality of care even better.”

Among the highlights of the Accreditation Canada report :

  • “The organization deserves to be congratulated for putting in place a model quality program that combines quality, access and budget.” “The culture of quality and safety is deeply rooted.”

  • “The dignity of patients, respect for their differences, and empathy are the values that guide members of the team every day.”

  •  “A model of inter-disciplinary work” in surroundings that are “humane, welcoming, clean and well decorated, with staff who are passionate and full of compassion. The comment is often heard, ‘They’re like a family.’”

  • “The organization has played a leadership role for many years in its responsibility toward elderly and geriatric clients. This has led to the development of a multi-disciplinary approach in a collaborative environment.”

  • The healthcare teams “are passionate about improving the quality of care, and many initiatives in this area are in the course of being established.”

  • Continuous improvement is an organizational priority.   A philosophy based on openness and transparency is adopted by the Board of Directors, hospital leaders and staff. The values founded by this approach are evidenced by respect, interdisciplinary team work,  competence, compassion and quality of care, etc. 
  • Significant efforts are being made to systematically review practices to ensure optimal effectiveness in health services delivery.
  • We sensed the mobilization and involvement of the human resources in striving to excel and be the best that they can be.
  • Organizational successes are a result of the exceptional engagement of all members of the Jewish General Hospital community.   
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