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Archives - Virtual Exhibit

An Archival Snapshot of the Goldman Herzl Family Practice Centre at the Jewish General Hospital:
A Hundred Years of Dedication to
Family Well-Being

 Part II : Textual Materials

 Report of the First Annual Meeting of the
             Herzl Dispensary of Montreal. 1913. (National Archives of CJC,CC)

             titled Welcome to the Herzl Health Centre, promoting the numerous clinics available to
             patients through the Centre, including the Pediatric Clinic, the Adult
             Well-Being Clinic, Dental Clinic, and Family Planning. English and
             French recto-verso. No date. (Archives de la BPJ) 

 President’s annual report (1970-1971). Morton
             Bessner. 1971. (National Archives of the CJCCC)


Pamphlet titled The Herzl Family Practice Centre Jewish General Hospital, promoting the services offered by the
             HFPC, this brochure offers a summary of the services offered, the medical
             staff, and a concise history of the Centre. English & French recto-verso. [197-?]. 1-

Herzl Family Practice Center
             Orientation ’76 Resident Manual. 1976. This guide provided to incoming residents outlines the wide variety of services
             offered by the Centre.(National
             Archives of the CJCCC)

Monograph titled
             Our History of Family Medicine : The Herzl Family Practice Centre and
             Department of Family Medicine of the Sir Mortimer B. Davis Jewish General
             Hospital by Michael Regenstreif. 1994. Published to coincide with the United Nation’s
             Year of the Family, this monograph was written to acknowledge the contributions
             of those who helped establish the HFPC.1-”

The eBookshelf of the JGH Archives displays archival documents that are more than 2 pages. Click on the thumbnails to open PDF documents. Downloading time varies depending on the speed of the bandwidth and file size.

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