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Dr. Marc Afilalo

 Dr. Marc Afilalo is Chief of the Emergency Department at the Jewish General Hospital since 1986. He is Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University and Chairman of the McGill Emergency Medicine Executive Committee. Dr. Afilalo was one of the leaders whose efforts resulted in the recognition and development of the Emergency Medicine specialty in Quebec.

Dr. Afilalo is the chairman of a very active Emergency Department research group and is considered a leader in Emergency Medicine research in Canada. His main areas of expertise lie in the field of overcrowding, use and misuse of the Emergency Department, acute asthma management, pain control, treatment of unstable angina and myocardial infarct.

Dr. Afilalo was appointed president of the Expert Committee on Emergency Department Functioning by the Minister of Health. In addition, he is the co-author of "Le Guide de gestion de l'unité d'urgence, a document that describes possible solutions to Emergency Department overcrowding across Quebec.