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 After undergoing a robotic surgery, patients were asked:
“What are the aspects of the surgery that you appreciated the most?”

Here is what some of our patients said…

  • "No pain."

  • “Minimum pain, quick recovery”

  • “Pouvoir ressortir rapidement de l’hôpital”

  • “Moins de cicatrices”

  • “Minimal pain, quick motor recovery, no WOUND!”

  • “No large incisions, hardly any pain, I feel so good that I almost forgot I had surgery, short stay in the hospital, fast recovery, very good care”

  • “Fast recovery, taking a worry out of my body, amazing recovery time.”

  • “De ne pas avoir de grosse coupure comme la derniere fois.”

  • “Care of the staff”

  • “The robotics and being able to leave the hospital so quickly.”

  • “Dr. [...] kept her word and I knew deep down in my heart I would have robotic surgery. Staff were very kind + supportive.”

  • “Short hospital stay, minimal scarring.”

  • “Rétablissement très rapide”

  • “Short hospital stay, easy recovery, no pain”

  • “Painless, short hospital stay, speedy recovery”

  • “That it was robotic”

  • “That it was done robotically & that the hospital stay was short”

  • “The fact that I had little pain and short hospital stay”

  • “I felt amazing right away after surgery, I was able to do most things like usual, minimal pain”

  • “Quick and clean”

  • “Le court séjour à l'hôpital”

  • “The robotic system”

  • “No scars, was able to come home right away”

  • “The speed of recovery and how fast I could go back to all activities.”

  • “Caring and smiling staff, home the next day, no blood, little scars that healed quickly”

 Last updated: July 24, 2017