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September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month: The JGH is blazing trails in the field of robotic surgery

A Canadian leader for more than ten years in robotic surgery, the Jewish General Hospital uses a personalized approach in gynecologic oncology. It enables patients who have advanced ovarian cancer to take advantage of minimally invasive robotic techniques. The results are at least as effective as those from conventional surgery, and there are far fewer side effects. 

“We are among the pioneers in using robotic surgery to treat ovarian cancer,” says Dr. Walter Gotlieb, JGH Director of Gynecologic Oncology. “We use this type of surgery because of its numerous advantages: less pain for the patient, only one day of hospitalization, faster post-operative recovery, and the flexibility to start and finish the treatment sooner. Studies have also shown that introducing this procedure leads to cost reductions in the healthcare system, since it becomes possible for the hospital to save of an average of $7,000 to $10,000, compared to conventional surgery." 

Although this approach cannot be used for every JGH patient with ovarian cancer, more than half of them benefit from robotic surgery.

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