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Publications and Magazines

A general-interest magazine of news and features about significant events, programs and personalities at the JGH.
  • Published: Spring, Summer, Fall
  • Publisher: Public Affairs & Communication (ext. 2672)

News updates and human-interest features of particular interest to hospital staff.
  • Published: every two months
  • Publisher: Public Affairs & Communication (ext. 4120)

The hospital's annual report is an overview of the highlights and achievements of the year that has just ended.
  • Published: Fall
  • Publisher: Public Affairs & Communication (ext. 2672)

Created in November 2002 to honour the memory and ideals of Benjamin Freedman, Clinical Ethicist at the JGH from 1988 until his untimely death in 1997. Each issue strives to familiarize our patients and family members with topics that reflect the intent, devotion and caring of the hospital staff.
  • Published: three to four times a year
  • Publisher: Health Sciences Library (ext. 5927)

A brief listing of upcoming events, lectures and other programs of interest to hospital staff.