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Quality Indicators: Patient Experience
   • Overall patient satisfaction
   • Areas of higher and lower
Quality Indicators: Patient Safety
   • Surgical Safety Checklist
   • Venous Thromboembolism
   • Pressure Ulcer Prevention
   • Ventilator-associated pneumonia
   • Total reported incidents and
   • Reported Medication Errors
   • Reported Patient Falls
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Quality Indicators - CEO Message

Why Quality Indicators matter to your health
A message from the Executive Director of the JGH

As a patient, you have a right to know about the record of performance of the hospital in which you place your trust. You need this information especially now that patients are taking a more active role in the course of prevention, testing, treatment and care.

For this reason, the Jewish General Hospital has embarked on a program—the first of its kind in Quebec—to give public exposure to information about the quality and safety of the hospital’s activities in certain areas. This is in line with the goals and objectives of the Ministry of Health and Social Services.

These data, providing timely, clear and understandable information, are known as Quality Indicators, and will be posted on the JGH website. The JGH hopes that by giving Quality Indicators such wide exposure, the program will serve as a model for other hospitals in Quebec. In this way, you and other healthcare consumers will have a better understanding of how much is being done on your behalf by clinical teams to improve safety and quality of care at the JGH and, ultimately, in hospitals across Quebec.

At the moment, there is no simple, standardized and comparable way of presenting data to the public in Quebec. However, we want to offer you information about quality and safety that is current, continuous and easy to interpret. For this reason, we have drawn upon guidelines provided by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) and the U.S.-based Institute for Healthcare Improvement. In addition, we will share with you the results of the JGH’s internal inquiries whenever we investigate an occurrence (known as a Sentinal Event) that has led to the serious harm of a patient.

These measures are in line with the JGH’s policies and traditions of making quality and safety of care the hospital’s No. 1 priority. Whenever we think of launching an initiative, our first move is to ask ourselves, "Will this decision improve quality and safety?" If not, the initiative is not pursued. This commitment to quality is what helped motivate the CPSI to make the Jewish General Hospital the Quebec node of Safer Healthcare Now!, a Canada-wide program whose objective is to reduce critical incidents, accidents and unnecessary deaths.

Due to the importance of this groundbreaking initiative, the JGH is working closely with the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services and with other hospitals to determine how best to publicize this information.

This dedication to transparency is just the latest pace-setting program designed to engage patients more directly in their own care, while placing the JGH in a leadership role in raising standards of medical care for patients throughout Quebec.

JGH Executive Director