Herzl CRIU Walk-in Centre featured in La Presse

La Presse made my day today (December 17) by devoting a full page to the wonderful work that the JGH’s Herzl CRIU Walk-in Centre has been doing.

The article notes that since 2010, the Centre has helped find family physicians for patients who have no doctor; has treated certain patients who might otherwise have put a heavier burden on our Emergency Department; and has been available without appointment to anyone (even non-JGH patients) who need medical assistance.

Included are quotes from me and from Dr. Michael Malus, Director of the Centre and Chief of Family Medicine. I’m glad the Centre is getting the recognition it deserves, because it’s a key player in the JGH’s strategy of taking innovative steps to work with its partners in Montreal’s and Quebec’s healthcare networks to improve the quality of care province-wide.